It is our passion to fill the world with positivity despite all the negativities that surround us.

Creativity is the skill that helps us express our passion in the most awesome form. And what better subject than the superpowers themselves. ‘Awe’ Gods is a project cum brand in the same direction. These Artefacts have been created by the best artists and artisans for perfection so anyone who sees it, is bound to say just one thing – ‘Wow’.

Earnings from SSG ART are also used to do charity for people in different formats.

Our mainstream work is Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management under the brand name SingleSpot Global and SSG ART is a venture of the same. The combined strength of SingleSpot Global helps us reach out to people around the world for spreading goodness in all its glory.

Amidst the rise of unrest & negativity, let us celebrate the peace within. And harness our limitless potential for strength and success.

Thank you for being with the gods.


Our clients receive appreciation from all their guests calling the artefact as ‘The Royal Crown’ of the house, ‘Heavenly’, ‘Out of the World’ etc. Please do share your experience with us.

All we can say is that “People will be Wowed. And you will be Proud.”