Shiva Dancing

♥ PREMIUM Hand Carved Wood Art On Rich Pine Wood.
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♥ These Artifacts create a sense of Mystery and are also touched again & again for their Great Feel.
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SHIVA DANCING – NATARAJA – Lord of Dance Artifact. Shiva is also known as THE FIRST YOGI of the UNIVERSE and called the Adiyogi. He is regarded as the patron god of yoga, meditation & arts and one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism who creates, protects and transforms the universe. The primal Atman (soul, self) of the universe.

Wood Carved: This warm & intricate artifact is stunning for its combination of design, wood, fire & heat that lends it a textured feel when touched. It can be easily maintained by cleaning with cloth.

♥ Shipping and Handling Time:
Post order, Artifacts last process & Dispatch takes 1-3 Business days. Delivery usually takes 7 business days to any country, worldwide. We will give you the tracking details and shipping is end to end trackable.
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We ship this item worldwide from India using Best in Class Shipping Service like FedEx, DHL etc. Customer Comfort & Product Safety are our service priorities.

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1) It is Door-to-Door direct delivery and completely trackable.
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♥ Refund Policy:
We do not have a refund policy because these are made on order (the final process of the artwork happens post order).

♥ Return Policy:
If it is broken or a wrong item, then we will be happy to replace it. Please contact us with photos & video if you find a problem such as a wrong or broken item within 3 hours of delivery. This applies to the Artifact and not the frame which is Complementary. For any reason including personal taste, customers can change the frame at their end as it does not cost much. We do send the picture of the Frame and the Artifact that is taken right before the shipment.

We do not have a return policy for customers mistakes like if it breaks while hanging or at customers end. We will give you a solution case by case.

♥ Country of Origin: India

♥ Other: This product is handcrafted from natural materials and therefore slight variations may occur. It is a Premium Lifetime Value product for quality of material used and work done.

No receipt will be included with the shipment, so you can send to your gift recipients with ease of mind!

These Artifacts require no special care – just dust off with a clean, dry cloth as needed. Avoid contact with water.

About ‘Awe’ Gods
‘Awe’ Gods is a God Art series on wood dedicated to pure faith & connect that we have with the Almighty. Just like the Gods, we have tried to keep these authentic, unique & natural. It has taken us 2 years to give final shape to these Artifacts.

Artifacts List

1. Hanuman (3 Variations)

2. Shiva (3 Variations including Nataraja)

3. Shiv Parvati (2 Variations)

4. Ganesha (8 Variations)

5. Radha Krishna (2 Variations)

6. Laxmi Saraswati Ganesh

7. Buddha

8. Ram Darbar

9. Kali

10. Shri Tirupati Balaji

11. Laxmi / Lakshmi

12. Guru Nanak (3 Variations)

13. Guru Gobind Singh

14. Mahavira

15. Jesus Christ

16. Durga

17. Shiv Parvati (Shiv Puran)

18. Chakra Yoga

19. Sai Baba

20. Shiv Vishnu

21. Sri Yantra

22. Trimurti

23. Bal Krishna

24. Yashoda Krishna / Kaushalya Rama

25. Virat Swarupa Shri Krishna

26. Laxmi Narayan

27. Laxmi Narayana & Garuda

28. Decor Designs Also Available (On Request) – World Map, Leopard, Power Lady, Lines Lady, Cat, Yin Yang

29. Artifacts Collage 1 (On Request)

30. Artifacts Collage 2 (On Request)

♥ Artwork in Progress Video:

♥ Namaste & Happy Shopping


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